January 19, 2022


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Challenges Faced by The Epic EMR System

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Epic EMR System, or Emr Solutions, is a high-end electronic health record system. According to the business, hospitals that utilize its software accounted for 54% of all patients globally in the US and 2.5% of all patients worldwide in that year. This means that it is one of the best selling patient care management systems. It was created by the Health Information Management Association (HIMA), a non-profit association formed to improve patient care in the healthcare industry.

Offers Reliable And Secure Data Transmission

In order to gain access to the Epic EMR system, hospitals need to meet certain requirements. To start with, the hospital must be connected to a network that offers reliable and secure data transmission over a public switched telephone network (PSTN). In addition, the hospital must have proper documentation and ongoing HIPAA compliant electronic medical record (EMR) software update. The software upgrade will enable the system to handle new features and functions, thus, increasing its functionality. This new eMR system would also need configuration assistance from the Epic EMR Integration Company.

Low cost and high quality computing resources

One can easily deploy the EPIC EMR Integration’s platform on any cloud hosting provider such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers low cost and high quality computing resources. This would make it easier to integrate the data center’s information technology, such as the servers, application servers, network, and storage. With the help of this hosted private cloud, a hosted medical data center can be set up and hosted from a remote location without deploying the epic EMR system itself. However, there are other concerns which have to be addressed before the deployment of this software can begin.

This new EMR system has some limitations when it comes to certain elements, which may pose threats to the privacy of the health systems. In addition, this new eMR system may not be compatible with some older eMR applications, such as the Microsoft Health Manager (MGM). It is expected that these problems will be addressed in future releases of the Epic EMR system. It is hoped that all major players in the healthcare industry will invest time and money in developing solutions for these issues.

Easy Manager And The Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

Another challenge which the Epic EMR Integration may face is the lack of time available to implement and test the new eMR solution prior to deployment. There are two solutions offered by the Epic EMR Team called the Easy Manager and the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform. The former requires less IT support and test lab time, but it may not provide a well-designed user interface for the end users. Furthermore, the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform offers more robust platform usability. These differences may affect the way in which the e-health records are transmitted between the Epic e-Center and the Epic e-Mobile app for end users.

The primary goal of the e-health system is to improve the revenue cycle by providing electronic medical billing and collections, electronic data management, and improved quality care to medical groups. However, the e-health solution may face difficulties in certain areas, such as integration with legacy systems and lack of compatibility with current applications. However, it is estimated that these problems can be overcome by the continued development of better e-health solutions by the Epic EMR Team. It is also hoped that additional benefits will be gained by the collaboration with other healthcare verticals and health information management companies.

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