January 21, 2022


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Factors you Should Consider Before Purchasing a New Snowmobile

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The Buyer's Guide to Snowmobiles | Polaris Snowmobiles

If you want to rule the snow in the winters just like you head the highways in summer, all you need to do is buy the best snowmobile in the market. Snowmobiles can roam around the city and help you see the outskirts when every inch of the ground is covered with snow. You can either join your friends or go solo with your snowmobile during the winter season. 

But if you are new to the world of snowmobiles, then buying the one that suits your need and requirement might become a bit tricky for you since snowmobiles are becoming more customizable over time. 

But you don’t need to worry, as, in this blog post, we have mentioned the top factors to consider before buying a new snowmobile. 

Sled use 

You have to consider how you will use your snowmobile. Are you planning to use your snowmobile off-train or on-trail? Are you going to use heavy loads or stay light while riding your snowmobile? Are you a speed fiend or a joyrider? All these considerations will help you to zero down the available options and then choose the best. 

Even your expertise significantly impacts your purchase decisions since not every snowmobile out there is suitable for novice or expert riders. So list your requirements and usage, and only then begin your hunt for the best snowmobile in the market. 

Depth of track and paddle 

If you are going to use the snowmobile on mostly groomed trails, you should start searching for snowmobiles with shallower paddles and shorter tracks. Sticking with a 137-inch way with shallower paddles is an ideal choice for groomed trails. You need to be specific about the depth of trail and paddle as you are with snowmobile clutch kits. 

But if you are planning to use your snowmobile in deeper snow, you should always prefer longer paddles and tracks. So make sure where you are going to use your snowmobile, and based on the trail, you can choose the depth of paddle and track just like you choose snowmobile clutch kits

Type of engine 

While buying your first snowmobile, you have to choose between a 2 stroke engine and a four-stroke engine. 4 stroke engines in snowmobiles are considered impeccable for the on-trail sled. You might need to push your budget slightly as snowmobiles with the four-stroke engine are a little expensive, but they require less maintenance and last longer. 

A stroke engine runs on oil, but it is economical, weighs less than a four-stroke engine, and is snappier as well. But you might need to go an extra mile when it comes to the maintenance of a 2 stroke engine. 


How often you are going to ride along with a passenger will also affect which type of snowmobile you buy. Many snowmobiles in the market are built only for solo riding, while others come with enhanced features like a lock and ride system to provide safety for the passenger. 


You must decide on the budget before searching for the best snowmobile in the market. The price of snowmobiles varies a lot since it ranges from economical options to luxurious rides. Having a budget will help you spend less time on out-of-budget snowmobiles, and thus you can choose the best snowmobile in less time. 

Choosing the right snowmobile for the first time is just like buying the correct snowmobile clutch kits for the first time. You need to consider many factors for filtering down the available options and then settling down on the best one in the market. 

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