January 26, 2022


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How to Choose an Ideal Wedding Venue

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When it comes to planning a wedding, next to the dress, nothing is more important than the venue. Wedding venues in Philadelphia can help set the whole mood of the wedding. A smaller setting, such as a small church, can make a wedding feel more intimate. In contrast, a destination wedding venue in Philadelphia can set a cultural theme.

Artesano Gallery – Philadelphia Wedding Venue

When planning a large wedding, brides often look at hotels for the reception and sometimes the wedding as well. The use of a hotel can offer one-stop planning for the bride and groom to be as well as providing accommodations for their guests. While searching for Artesano Gallery – Philadelphia Wedding Venue, it is essential to keep in mind a few key points; the amount of money you would like to spend, the style of the wedding, the cost to your guests (if they plan on staying overnight) and any extras that you may be looking for such as an open bar. Most hotels offer a wedding package if they have the available space. Still, it is crucial to find out if the area is indoors, outdoors, or possibly both.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

A bride planning for an outdoor wedding and reception takes the chance of getting rained on, so you may want to be sure that the venue can be accommodating for the unexpected. The location of the hotel is also crucial if planning an outdoor wedding. The perfect atmosphere can set the mood for the entire wedding. For example, a couple hoping for a tropical feel would most likely choose a hotel on the beach but, to get the whole feeling, it would be best to have the ceremony as close to the water as possible with the breeze and the smell of the ocean air. A bride that is looking for a more elaborate and regal wedding would most likely look for an older hotel with lavish decor and over-scaled rooms.

The Decor And Catering

After choosing the Artesano Gallery – Philadelphia Wedding Venue for your desired atmosphere, the next step is to discuss the decor and catering options. Most venues provide this service as a part of the wedding package, but if not, be sure to ask if they will allow an outside decorator and caterer to come in. Another option available to most couples would be a wedding planner. They can coordinate the entire wedding, including ordering the flowers, limos, and food as well as coordinating the dress fittings and assuring that everything goes smoothly, taking much of the stress off of the bride and groom to be.

Finally, it is always best to take a look at the rooms that your guests will be staying in. Comfort is essential, and a bride still wants to make sure that her friends and family feel at home. A quick check of the bed linens and towels can give the newlywed couple a glimpse of the hotel amenities offered to their guests. Once everything has been decided on, the happy couple can relax and look forward to when the big day arrives!

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