January 25, 2022


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Rental Cars: Do you make this Costly Car Rental Mistake?

Don’t you find it inconvenient and stressful in a bid to get a car rented? The amount of work done on paper and the hard decisions needed to be made like purchasing an alternative insurance portfolio or getting the collision damage waiver from the company renting the car or not?

If you have been privileged to visit the car rental shop, you would know that these are the type of questions that people struggle with to rent a car. Most of the times, you can decide not to add any other insurance to the rented car but on the other hand, some specific situation requires you to do so. The question is how would you know such situations?

One of the most confusing situations when renting a car is the collision damage waiver (CDW) which is often provided by the car rental company when you are about to rent a car. It takes care of any damages done to the car when an accident occurs.

This CDW cannot be referred to as a total insurance package because it is only concerned with the destruction of the rented car. Other issues like personal injuries or damage to properties are not included. Peradventure if the CDW is bought, the car rental company loses all or most of its rights to profit from you if any damage is done to the rental car physically.

Professionals think that you don’t need to get a CDW but it’s important to get it anyways as it would be a costly mistake if you don’t.

Doing these three things can reduce drastically the cost of car rental. The first and foremost thing to look out for is your insurance portfolio, whether it has any coverage towards rental cars. Secondly, note if your credit card provides any form of coverage for car rental. Lastly, look through the car rental company options to ascertain its portfolio. You can also read reviews of the company such as Europcar reviews to know what to expect and if they are a reputable company.

A lot of car insurance portfolios consist of collision and all-inclusive expenses to rental car damages so there is no need for getting more insurance deals. All you need to do is to make certain of your insurance package with your insurance agent before rejecting the alternative offer of the car rental company.

For convenience, you don’t have to pay for something you don’t need but you wouldn’t want to fall short of coverage in the light of an accident occurring.

Your stand on getting more coverages from car rentals or not can be a very difficult decision to make. To make it simple, all you need to do is to search for present insurance portfolios or with your credit cards to ascertain if they contain car rental coverage. If they do not provide it, then getting an alternative insurance deal for your rented car isn’t such a bad idea.

In conclusion, you should read the policy provided by the car rental company carefully to carefully see if your credit card or car insurance is okay for you. Also, you should have a concrete discussion about the car rental provision with an agent and never succumb to any pressure meted out by the car rental agent.

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