May 27, 2022


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This 1968 Dodge Charger Was Built To Do 200 MPH At Bonneville

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We’ve viewed more than enough Typical Lee replicas, we’ve noticed ample Bullitt Chargers, and persons are by now beginning to put on out the picture of Roadkill’s Typical Mayhem, but what we have not viewed much too significantly of are 1968 Dodge Chargers that can hit 200 mph (322 km/h).

Courtesy of Autopia LA’s YouTube Channel, we’re addressed to a tour of Jimmy Shine’s 1968 Dodge Charger, which he built to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Shine constructed the muscle mass automobile in the early 2000s with a dream crew of sizzling rodders, including Dick Landy and Pete Shaporous.

To test the vehicle’s top rated velocity, the crew took it to a dry lake bed, but not the a person they ended up meant to be on. Shine claims they had been able to do four runs on a extend of grime beside the highway prior to the police confirmed up, but in that time they have been able to get the vehicle up to 180 mph (290 km/h).

The car or truck was originally designed for a Television set display that Glow was set to star in, but soon after that day on the lake mattress, the project was properly canceled, and the automobile (owned by the production corporation) disappeared.

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One particular day, Glow been given a connect with from his agent expressing “I have the vehicle, I never know what to do with it.” It had been hidden away for 15 yrs, the motor experienced been taken out, and the auto was deteriorating. Shine purchased the motor vehicle again and resolved to develop it up as a major speed runner, just like it was initially intended.

Delivering the motivation is none other than a Hemi. It could have been a 318, because which is what the car started out out with. Definitely, that had to go, and a 510 hp Hemi 494 was plopped in between the body rails, together with a 727 torqueflite computerized. The rear axle was changed to a Ford nine-inch for strength, and the equipment ratio is 3.00 in buy to arrive at its major velocity.

A person could count on a Mopar muscle motor vehicle to be using on fats tires for traction, but that is not how it operates with land speed racing, so the Charger has been equipped with skinny tires entrance and rear which enable them to dig into the salt at Bonneville.

As for the exterior modifications, there are not much too quite a few other than the six-pack scoop and the moon wheel covers, which offer a modicum of aerodynamic enhancement. In addition, both of those the front windshield and the rear back window attribute aluminum bars that are riveted to the sheet metal, which stops them from blowing out at superior pace.

Just one of the ideal pieces of the auto is the fuel pedal, and not for the cause you think. Shine explains that the foot-shaped device is a inexpensive item from Pep-Boys, but it throws the style back again to the modified autos of the 1970s.

Getting it for a journey in downtown LA undoubtedly isn’t what the car was crafted to do, but it does present us with a small taste of its character.

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