January 26, 2022


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What do you get with a full service limo

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Oakville Limo Services offers a five star limo service for your events and functions. Whether it’s a marriage, a date night, prom night, wine tour, birthday, bachelor(ette) party or any business meeting, we give our clients the best five star service. The services are provided for all occasions, events 24/7 throughout the year.  What do you get with a full service limo, you get the mission to be provided with 100% client satisfaction.

Well maintained vehicles

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Any machine needs a constant upkeep and when it comes to the best services and customer satisfaction then a company does keep the cars well maintained. When it comes to sending the vehicle to workshop for repair, then there is no delay. No one wants to ride on a car which does not have functioning AC or a Bus with torn seats etc. All the vehicles go for an inspection once a month and it’s the part of driver’s duty to complete a pre-trip inspection every time they go out. The drivers also have security checklist which is being followed strictly.

Great and latest fleet

No one wants to ride in rusty or old fashioned cars, instead everyone likes to be in the latest and up to the date vehicle for their comfort, style and luxurious trips. We have a great fleet of party busses and limousines which can be seen in actual photos on your website. We have a latest and wide variety of cars from which you can pick for your next event, whether it’s a birthday party, a business trip or a date night. You will always have the choice of selecting the best out of our fleet.

Professional Chauffeurs

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One of the best part of full service limo is that you get to have a professional chauffeur at your service. The chauffeurs are professionally trained and accustomed to etiquettes as they have experience of handling VIP guests including celebrities, politicians and businessmen. They are expert of attention to detail, flexibility and dependability that will meet all your expectations. All the chauffeurs are gone through drug testing, training and back ground checks before serving the customers. More than two million people are in taxi and limousine service in United States and our drivers are among the best.

Luxurious Secure Ride

If we sum up a full service limo then the words will be luxurious and secure. You can see dozens of satisfied client’s comments on our website and in our customer feedback database. The best service delivery is not only comfortable but also secure, where you don’t have to worry about the security of yourself or your luggage. Every detail is taken care of by our professional staff and they are well trained in handling unforeseen circumstance or any bad situation. So when you ride with us you are sure to have the most luxurious a comfortable journey of your life.

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